GRATITUDE: It’s Extraordinary Power TO Manifest Abundance & Positively Change Your Life

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Drawing inspirations from personal life, author Garretson has written a compelling book that readers can easily relate to. No matter what your circumstances are, if the burdens of life are weighing you down, you need a helping hand to pick you up. That is exactly what this book intends to do. In the various chapters of the book, the author has discussed various aspects of life and the importance of being grateful. She says that most people struggle to find contentment in life because they are always counting things that they don’t have instead of being thankful for what they have.

The only way to break away from this damaging pattern, you must understand why it is important to count your blessings instead of your misfortunes.

In this book, the author has discussed various aspects such as why gratitude is gold by breaking it down scientifically, the Dr. Robert Emmons studies, the power of gratitude and so on. She also stresses that it is important to keep a gratitude journal so that you never forget what you should be grateful for. Garretson has also explained that gratitude leads to other virtues, and she also tells you how. She has also given some life changing advice in the book.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your copy and take charge of your life!

Today, Be Thankful for Everything From the Start

Today when you wake. The moment you open your eyes, tell the universe or God  you are so very thankful you get to see the beautiful life before you and participate in life with others of like minds. Give thanks that you can live the happiness of life one more day. To be happy

To be happy today, give thanks for your happiness that you have inside and thank the universe for joy from that happiness. The joy that will change your life for the better. By doing this exercise you raise your vibrations to the level of love. Raising vibrations in your energy will attract the same to you.

It’s sometimes difficult to see the forest through the trees. Meaning when you are in the thick of life you can’t believe you will see the end of it. But the more you think happiness and engage with happy thoughts, the easier it will be to accomplish the happiness you desire. The exercise goes like this.

For 10 minutes focus only on good things and beautiful thoughts in your life. Imagine things you want and see yourself doing those thoughts in reality. Feel the happiness from those thoughts. In the evening do that same exercise and change it up a bit, thinking of variations of the same wants and desires. Believe you are going through these wonderful actions.

There is an old saying that holds true: What you believe , You receive.


Peace my friends.

Love and Light



That old phrase “Be Not Afraid” goes miles in the laws of the universe!

If I were you, I would learn what your fears are and how to overcome them. Fear is the number 1 Abundance and Law of Attraction blocker!

Fear is focusing on negative thoughts. Start with Gratitude. By using gratitude in your everyday life you will block out fear. Fear has no room in your energy once gratitude is focused on wholeheartedly.


Be Not Afraid of anything

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Maintaining Higher Level of Energy Vibrations

It was Einstein who proved that matter and energy are interchangeable which means that everything our senses can sense is ultimately some form of energy. Soon after his landmark research, it was discovered that every object has its own natural frequency in the universe and this natural frequency is an extremely important component of everyone’s life. It is not just the inanimate objects which have their own energies but humans send vibrations to the universe as well and these are often replied with similar frequencies of vibration from the universe. This concept of frequency matching is very important especially in the law of attraction which says that you attract what you send to the universe so if you’re sending frequencies of joy to the universe, the universe will send joy towards you.
No two people are exactly alike, even if they’re identical twins, the differences in their personalities and emotions account for a degree of variation in their vibrational frequencies. The state of our mind and our emotions can completely alter our vibrational frequencies and send unwanted signals to the universe. These different levels of vibrations have been accounted for and there are values associated with different levels of vibrations.
The lowest level of energy vibrations, zero or the alpha point, symbolizes death as that is the time when all vibrational activity seizes in our bodies. The highest point in these vibrations, one thousand or the omega, is the highest level that can be achieved. Values lower than 200 are generally associated with extremely negative emotions such as depression, guilt, and insecurity whereas values above 500 are achieved in states of joy, peace, enlightenment etc. From these values, it can be inferred that the vibrational frequencies in higher ranges are a proof a better quality of life and one must aim to achieve these values if possible. There are different ways of achieving and maintaining higher levels of energy vibrations, we’ve collected some ways which you can integrate into your daily life and get great benefits from the universe.
1. Maintain Connections
One very effective way of raising your energy levels is to spend time with people who have higher levels of energy or their company helps in the elevation of your energy levels. This is just not limited to the people in your life though they form a very important part of the connections you form. This includes the pets you have in your life, the time you spend with nature is also an integral part of this. To raise your energy levels with your connections, develop new friends and make sure they’re someone who shares the same definition of fun as you and they uplift people instead of pulling them down.
2. Meditate
The power of meditation cannot be over emphasized. There are different kinds of meditations but all of them help in getting rid of the extras in your life and filling it with the good things you really deserve. Meditation can clear your mind from negative emotions like guilt, anger, and insecurity and take you to new heights of joy. There are many diseases which our body catches because of the stress in our lives, meditation can relieve us of that stress and improve our health greatly. Any form of meditation is great for these purposes.
3. Be Aware
A large part of who we are is what we put in our bodies. Always be mindful of whatever you’re putting in your body as this one decision can have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing. We’ve seen that everything in the universe has its own natural frequency, this is also true for all kinds of food and this food has the power to either raise your vibrational energies or lower them down. Prefer natural vegetables over food which has been grown using pesticides and stored using preservatives. Foods made with refined sugars also lower down your energy levels considerably.
4. Exercise
Our body was designed for movement, all the joints in our body are designed for this single purpose which is to help us in movement. The benefits of exercise are numerous and its benefits have been documented by a number of researchers in a number of researches. Exercise not only increases the rate at which our body uses oxygen and burns fat, it also raises the rate of vibrations in our body. Those who make exercise a part of their daily activities have significantly higher levels of energy vibrations which point to an overall better quality of life.
5. Follow Your Passions
Energy vibrations can both be added and subtracted in your life. If you do the things which make you feel good about yourself and about life in general, they’re the things which enhance and build upon your levels of energy but if you have to do chores or jobs which you don’t like or don’t feel passionate about then they’ll take your energy vibrations out and result in a deterioration in your quality of life.
Following your passions can include doing something as simple a reading a book of your choice or playing a musical instrument you like to play. It doesn’t have to be complex, in fact, even following and interacting with the Facebook pages of your choice can make an impact.
6. Acts of Kindness
The universe keeps a record of everything. The way we treat others when we have the power over them is the way the universe is going to treat us. These don’t really have to be big things, even a little thing like helping an old or a blind person cross the day is going to make you feel a lot better. These simple actions help in making the world a better place, the universe will see that the world becomes a better place for you. A little thoughtfulness can go a very long way. Just a simple random act of kindness daily can raise your energy vibrations to unprecedented levels.
These are some of the simplest ways of maintaining higher levels of energy vibrations, there are many others too but incorporating these in your life will lead to an overall better quality of life.


Love and Light

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Manifesting: Money & Abundance



Money is the same as anything else when it comes to manifesting.

It uses the same steps. It requires you to raise your vibration and energy to mirror that of money or abundance. It takes visioning what you want and feeling it in your heart that it is already here. It requires having gratitude for that money being given to you in your vision in your wallet or bank account. Dream of money and abundance.

I remember this technique being used in the story “A Little Princess”. When Sara Crew was outcast of the private school she went to because her father, Captain Crew, was presumed dead and his checks stopped and there was no money for upkeep on little Sera. So she was sent to live in the attic with her little friend who was the kitchen helper. One night they were so cold in the attic that Sara told her friend to imagine a table with fine linen draped over it and candles lit . The table had good things to eat and the two were covered with fine robes and shoes. The table had sausages and pancakes and fruit. Sara imagined the table had juices and warm cocoa to drink. She could taste the food and feel the fireplace lit while her robe was warm. They drifted off to sleep dreaming of this and when they awoke in the morning the room was filled with wonderful things.  She had visioned it and it appeared. Whether the whole thing had materialized or it was the man across the street  who put the things there, she ended up with her dream.

That is what believing and visioning the desired wish is .

It’s the same principal. Energy vibration raised to the same energy as what you want will pull it in like you are a magnet. I heard someone talk about an example of vibrations rising to the higher vibration in the room. If you have two guitars in the same room close together and you pluck one  string on one, the other guitar will start vibrating that same frequency and you will hear the same on the other guitar simultaneously. Makes perfect sense…… I’ve seen it a million times in the music industry. I just didn’t know what the effect was that I was seeing. Like attracts like in vibration. We are all vibrating because we are all energy.

Ever notice when you are  happy and people around are grumpy . Once you vibrate the happiness frequency around they bring their vibration up to meet yours? So everyone is laughing and cutting up. That’s the like attracts like frequencies vibrating out from you to the people around. I’m telling you this thing is real!!!

It’s the same with money and abundance. Bring your vibration frequency up to money frequency and it comes to you. Try thinking of the money flowing to you before you go to bed for like 10 minutes. Then thank the universe for everything in your life , Have gratitude towards your life no matter how bleak the surroundings look. Thank the universe for this vision of money in your heart. Things will start to shift in weeks to come so be prepared!. Make sure you have nothing holding you back from good feelings about that money you visioned and about  everyday life you live. Be happy always. Never give into doubt or worry. Have faith in faith. Just know that vision is yours.Feel calm and comfort in the fact that money is here if you believe it. Don’t worry how it gets to you. Just stop over thinking the process. For all you care, it fell out of the sky!

Just believe like Sara Crew and laugh about it. Then let it GO! Let the universe do it’s magic and get out of the way.


Blessings of Pure Love and Light

© all rights reserved

“A Little Princess is a children’s novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett”