Spring is Here

Remember to have gratitude for the smallest things. Your friends (even the lost ones). Your house or apt, your animals and how they make you feel. Give thanks for the water you drink and the birds outside your window. Take notice of the things that seem to fade into the background every day. Give thanks for your parents and where ever they are, make sure to bless them no matter what your relationship with them has been or is.

Give thanks for the lessons the universe gives you. Sometimes they hurt but they are lessons to make your spirit grow. Give thanks for the friends you have and had and for the friends who are lost or got lost along the way.

Talk to your guardian angels along the way and make sure you let them know what you need help with. Ask God to help and then visually picture the outcome like you need it to be before you go to bed every night, then give thanks for that outcome. Ask your angels to help you make a difference in other’s lives and to lead you to make the correct decisions for your next step along your path.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff. Just smile and remember everything shall pass.

Try to make a difference and change the world. Even with the smallest things you do for others.

These are exercises that you must do. Some people naturally do them without knowing but for the others who are struggling will need to focus on the outcome of your desires. When you make it a habit you will not need to think about doing it anymore.

Be sure to bless everything along the way verbally. Bless your bank account, bless your car, bless the mailbox. Bless everything.

Blessings to you and yours with Love and Light!



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